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The Best Cashback Deals on Black Friday 2022

18 Nov 2022 by

The shopping fun is here! Black Friday deals are already hitting local stores, but you can multiply the savings when you shop online through dollardig.com. Flip through our convenient savings guide to discover the best Black Friday cashback deals. When you click a simple link to your favorite stores, you can shop their online deals while earning Black Friday cashback from us.

You’re going to buy gifts and perhaps treat yourself this year. Why not use the best Black Friday coupons while you’re at it? Let’s look at some of the stores offering the most lucrative Black Friday cashback deals and coupons right now.


 Category: Energy Supplements

LivPur offers premium drink mixes that boost energy, hydrate, and support muscles during recovery. They also offer whey protein powders and shaker bottles that make it easy to nourish your body with high-quality ingredients even when on the run. Co-founded by professional athlete and trainer Dr. Troy Van Biezen, LivPur is dedicated to making the highest quality ingredients taste great with drink mixes that are safe, clean, and reasonably priced.

LivPur drink mixes are designed for fitness warriors, athletes, and everyday people who want to live their healthiest lives while enjoying bold flavors. They partner with Dollardig to provide LivPur cashback deals that make nourishing and hydrating even more affordable.

Check out the Black Friday LivPur cashback deals here.

Gobi Heat

Category: Clothing Apparel 

You don’t have to grin and bear the cold when you take advantage of Gobi Heat cashback deals. Based in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Gobi Heat is 100% female owned and dedicated to providing the highest quality heated gear for outdoor adventure seekers and workers. Keep your body properly heated and avoid hypothermia with heated jackets, gloves, socks, and hats. When camping or living outdoors for work, you can create cozy quarters with heated chairs, hammocks, and blankets.

Dollardig is your connection to active cashback deals and coupons from Gobi Heat. We help you stay warm while doubling up your savings this holiday season. Grab the Black Friday Gobi Heat cashback deals here.


Category: Hemp Beverages, CBD Drinks, Calming Supplements

Recess offers colorful cans filled with sparkling water designed to boost your mood, calm your mind, and encourage creativity. If you want to take relaxation on the road, they offer their bold flavors and calming ingredients in convenient powder mix packets. Either way, you’ll enjoy hydrating sparkling water infused with hemp and adaptogens to help you unwind even in the most stressful environments.

At Recess, every order is shipped for free! They ship to most U.S. states and are now partnered with Dollardig to provide Recess cashback deals that help you save money while boosting your mood. Grab a quick discount and wait for bold flavors like strawberry rose mood, pomegranate hibiscus, and blackberry chai to arrive at your doorstep. Check out the Black Friday Recess cashback deals here.

Dirty Cookie

Category: Cookies, Gift Baskets, Holiday Gifts

Dirty Cookie makes decadent stuffed cookies baked to perfection and shipped right to your door plus a variety of cookie shots. What is a cookie shot? It’s a cookie in a glass with a hole in the center where you can pour in the milk. Think of it as a shot of milk surrounded by a perfectly baked cookie. All cookies are gourmet quality and certified kosher. Vegan and gluten-free options are available.

Dollardig partners with Dirty Cookie to bring you money-saving Dirty Cookie cashback deals. Build your own dozen of assorted filled cookies or send a collection of cookie shots to someone special. Dirty Cookie lets you place an order and forget about it, ensuring you never miss another birthday or anniversary.

The Black Friday Dirty Cookie cashback deals are here. Check them out today.


Category: Protein Powder, Nutritional Supplements, pre-workout.

Kaged is a nutrition supplement company dedicated to using premium ingredients that are proven to work. Whether your goal is to lose or gain weight, build muscle, boost performance, or just stay as healthy as possible, Kaged supplements provide the support you need to succeed. They even offer professional training programs.

The Kaged way of life is dedicated to fitness and reasonably priced products that deliver results. Grab your organic daily greens, a pre-workout tested and approved by real athletes, or a time-released protein powder that tastes as great as it works. Dollardig is your connection to Kaged cashback deals, available with just one click.

Check out the Black Friday Kaged cashback deals here.


Category: Jewelry, sillicone rings, engravable rings.

QALO is your go-to destination for stylish silicone rings that stay securely on the finger without discomfort. They offer a variety of styles, sizes, colors, and patterns suitable for men and women. Order engravable silicone rings to keep special moments or names close to your heart. If you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift, why not order matching engraved rings to show your deep connection to a significant other?

You can also order durable silicone dog ID tags from QALO. They come in a variety of colors, and pet accessory sets are available as well. QALO is partnered with Dollardig to offer QALO cashback deals that save you money on fashionable jewelry.

The Black Friday QALO cashback deals are here. Check them out today.


Category: Handbags

Behno is stealing attention on the fashion scene by offering stylish, bold bags that are consciously made. What makes the brand unique is their commitment to improving factory work environments around the world. Behno is headquartered in New York with a studio and showroom located close to Times Square, but their bags are made by artisans in international factories, which are all held to high standards in support of factory worker health and wellness, eco-consciousness, and women’s rights.

Grab a deal on mini bags, shoulder bags, totes, clutches, wallets, crossbody bags, and top-handle bags with our Behno cashback deals. Behno is partnered with Dollardig to bring you money-saving discounts on premium bags that make excellent gifts. Grab your Black Friday Behno cashback deals here.

Beauty Bakerie

Category: Cosmetics

Beauty Bakerie creates cosmetics that look delicious, but they’re entirely for your face and body. Products feature scrumptious names that just might make your stomach rumble and your mouth water. How about S’mores D’oeuvres Matte lip whip, Sugar Cookies eyeshadow, or Wake & Bake hydrating face oil? You can order it all at Beauty Bakerie plus a wide variety of beauty accessories from body glitter to lashes and brushes.

There’s no age limit when it comes to the fandom backing this thriving beauty brand. You can now get the sweet treats you need to look and feel your best at any age while saving money with Beauty Bakerie cashback deals here at Dollardig. Explore the latest Black Friday Beauty Bakerie cashback deals here.


Category: DIY Garden Hydroponics

If you enjoy gardening or would like to start growing your own vegetables at home, you may want to jump on the Gardyn cashback deals available right now through Dollardig. The Gardyn system is an innovative hydroponics setup that allows you to grow 30 large plants in just 2 square feet. It stands vertically and consumes much less space in your home than competing systems, and it allows you to grow veggies year-round.

There are no pesticides when you use the Gardyn system, and artificial intelligence makes it so easy you just might develop a green thumb. Get the lowest prices of the season with the Black Friday Gardyn cashback deals, available here.


Category: Bedding, Linens, Sheets, Comforters.

Eucalypso caters to people who have trouble sleeping soundly through the night, but they’re also on a mission to protect the planet. The brand offers premium quality sheet and pillowcase sets plus duvet covers, comforters, baby crib sheets, and some great sleep masks. If you’re looking for a holiday gift that allows you to stack up the savings with Eucalypso cashback deals, you may want to check out the deluxe sleep bundle. Mix and match three products to create a unique gift for the troubled sleeper in your life.

All Eucalypso bedding is designed in the U.S. and milled in Australia. Dollardig is partnered with Eucalypso to ensure you get the best deals year-round. Dig into the Black Friday Eucalypso cashback deals here.

Volcanica’s Coffee

Category: Coffee

Indulge your love of coffee with Volcanica’s Coffee cashback discounts at Dollardig. Volcanica’s Coffee offers more than 150 coffee varieties, ranging from peaberry, estate, and dark roast to organic, flavored, and low acid. Choices are carefully sourced from around the world, allowing you to select a variety of fresh flavors from the Americas, Africa, Arabia, Indonesia, and many other international locations. Why not indulge in rainforest coffee, shade-grown coffee, or even a delicious cup of organic coffee?

All coffees are brewed fresh in Georgia and ship to your doorstep quickly. Check out the gift boxes if you have coffee lovers on your holiday gift list. The Black Friday Volcanica’s Coffee cashback offers are available here.


Category: Mens Clothing, Underwear.

SAXX makes innovative men’s underwear featuring the BallPark Pouch™. The pouch is a mesh panel that holds everything in place while allowing a full range of motion and complete comfort. The design prevents skin-to-skin contact, which can often lead to friction that results in painful rashes for some men. Even men with rubbing issues may find the hammock-like design more comfortable than standard men’s underwear.

From flat seams to ergonomic designs, SAXX underwear is packed with extra comfort features. Every order is backed with a 100% guarantee, and the holidays are the perfect time to take advantage of SAXX cashback deals here at Dollardig. Explore the Black Friday SAXX cashback deals here.

Botanic Choice

Category: Vitamins, Minerals & Nutritional Supplements

Botanic Choice offers a wide variety of health and wellness supplements plus homeopathic remedies, liquid extracts, and natural beauty products. They offer some unique products and supplemental blends, all created after continuous research into the newest scientific developments by trained experts. Whether you need to improve your digestive health, increase your energy levels, or work on your memory, Botanic Choice has quality supplements that can help.

Dollardig has partnered with Botanic Choice to ensure you have easy access to the best Botanic Choice cashback deals and coupons. Find the best deals on supplements you need while boosting your savings. View the Black Friday Botanic Choice cashback offers here.


Category: Mens Skincare, Shaving Supplies & Grooming Kits

BAKBlade is the ultimate solution for men with hairy backs and other body hair issues. The brand was developed to combat the discomfort and ineffectiveness of many back-shaving solutions on the market today. In addition to high-quality body grooming kits for men, BAKBlade offers precision shaving blades, shave gel for sensitive skin, nose trimmers, and wet body wipes designed with a man’s needs in mind.

Every men’s grooming kit comes with a unique back-shaving handle that makes it easy to reach your full back even if you don’t have help. Dollardig lets you stack up the savings by redeeming BAKBlade cashback deals and coupons. It’s the best way to shop online. Check out the Black Friday BAKBLade cashback deals today.

Look Optic

Category: Eyewear, Eye Care, & Reading Glasses.

Look Optic offers high-quality reading glasses designed with ultra-lightweight frames and flexible springs that move with rather than against your face. The precision quality lenses are the cherry on top, and you can redeem Look Optic cashback deals when you shop from your unique Dollardig link. Select from a variety of readers in many colors and styles or pick up a pair of blue light glasses for the time you spend in front of computer screens. Sunglasses are available as well.

You can use the virtual try-on feature to see how your face may look in any pair of Look Optic glasses. Look at the Black Friday Look Optic cashback offers available here.


Category: Jewelry

You aren’t limited to local retailers when shopping for diamond and gemstone jewelry for the holidays or anytime throughout the year. Szul offers one of the largest assortments of fine jewelry on the internet, and now you can save more by using Dollardig to redeem Szul cashback offers with one simple click. The jewel experts at Szul source quality fine jewelry featuring diamonds and a variety of gemstones from specialized international markets. They buy in bulk and pass the savings on to you by eliminating the middleman.

Szul is entirely internet-based, so you aren’t competing with local jewelry store customers. Save money this holiday season by shopping the Black Friday Szul cashback offers available here.


Category: Anti Spam-Ware, Spam Blocker

Robocalls have become the norm, but Robokiller gives you the power to fight back. Dollardig gives you the power to save money in the process by redeeming Robokiller cashback offers during the holidays and year-round. Get the spam protection you deserve by downloading the app onto your smartphone and allowing it to analyze every call you receive.

In under one millisecond, the app uses an advanced algorithm to determine whether each call is legitimate or spam. The spam calls are blocked before your phone even rings. Robokiller has blocked more than 600 million spam calls and contains a database of more than 1.5 billion global phone numbers. Look for Black Friday Robokiller cashback deals here.


Category: Mens Grooming, Shaving & Skin Care

BALLS is an essential brand for men who want to groom their most manly parts safely, quickly, and efficiently. The signature Ball Trimmer is designed with ceramic blades that offer precise trimming of groin hair with less risk of nicks and cuts. It was designed after the founder’s family endured an uncomfortable dinner table conversation about using odd household tools to trim groin hair. They decided to create a better solution to make ball grooming safer and faster.

The ball trimmer is wireless, waterproof, and shock resistant. You can order yours plus high-quality lotions and body washes while saving money with Balls.com cashback deals available at Dollardig. The holidays are here, so check out this year’s Black Friday Balls.com cashback deals here.

Arc Studio

Category: Screenwriting/Screenplay Software, Playwright Script Tools 

Arc Studio offers screenwriting software that helps individuals and teams create dynamic scripts with fewer technical frustrations. Dissatisfied with the limited features of screenwriting software solutions already on the market, a team of writers, designers, engineers, marketers, and other professionals joined together to create software that does more than just format completed scripts. It provides a suite of advanced features that make the writing and collaborative process easier to manage.

If you need a smoother solution for screenwriting alone or in a group, click a link at Dollardig and save with Arc Studio cashback offers. We have you covered for the holidays too, so check out the Black Friday Arc Studio cashback deals here.

Farm Foods

Category: Meal kit, Organic Food & Home Delivery.

Farm Foods delivers premium meat sourced from small farms dedicated to eliminating the GMOs, hormones, grains, antibiotics, and other unhealthy chemicals that are common in the commercial meat market today. Shop for 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef, pasture raised chicken, wild caught salmon, and pastured heritage pork from the comfort your home. Everything comes fresh from the farm and is delivered to your doorstep fresh.

Take advantage of Farm Foods cashback deals by following your unique link here at Dollardig. The Box Plans make it easy to stock the kitchen with premium meats without wasting time or money. We want to help you save big for the holidays, so check out this year’s Black Friday Farm Foods cashback offers here.


Category: Tech & Electronics

GeekBuying offers an assortment of electronic gadgets that make your life simpler and less complicated. You can redeem your GeekBuying cashback offers from Dollardig to snag competitive prices on everything from fitness and bodybuilding equipment to travel supplies, vacuum cleaners, solar panels, and RC boats or quadcopters. Geekbuying does the legwork to find the best products at reasonable prices, and then they offer everything at discount prices and ship directly to your doorstep.

Do you have an electric bike, portable power station, or Bluetooth smartwatch on your mind for the holidays? You can get all of that and more at GeekBuying, and the Dollardig partnership gives you easy access to cashback and coupons. Check out the Black Friday GeekBuying cashback offers here.


Category: Virtual Private Network (VPN)

NordVPN offers a suite of cybersecurity services that protect your electronic devices from malware, tracking cookies, ads, and more. The NordPass password manager allows you to select more complex, effective passwords and organize them in one convenient place. It remembers the passwords so that you don’t have to, avoiding the time-consuming process of hitting “forgot password” over and over.

You can also create encrypted files and save them to the cloud securely with the NordLocker. Each level of protection you add improves your online security, and Dollardig makes it easy to find NordVPN cashback deals. We partner with NordVPN to help you stay safe online while saving a little money.

The Black Friday NordVPN cashback offers are available here.

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