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The Art of Gift Card Shopping: How to Save Big

01 Jul 2024 by

Mastering the Art of Gift Card Shopping Gift cards have evolved from mere presents into powerful tools for savvy shoppers looking to unlock significant savings. Beyond being thoughtful, gift cards have become integral to strategic shopping, especially when paired with the cashback advantage offered by platforms like ours. In this article, we’ll explore the art […]

Unlocking Cashback’s Full Potential: 5 Secrets To Maximize Your Rewards

25 Jan 2024 by

In today’s world of intelligent spending and financial prudence, cashback rewards are nothing short of a financial boon. They offer a straightforward way to put money back into your pocket every time you make a purchase, whether shopping for groceries, dining out, or even indulging in some retail therapy. If you’re not taking full advantage […]

Cashback Rewards: A Must Know Guide For College Students

22 Jan 2024 by

Finances can often be a major concern for students navigating the challenges of academia. Tuition, textbooks, and daily expenses can quickly add up, leaving little room for extra spending. However, there’s a financial tool that savvy students can leverage to their advantage: cashback rewards. Cashback Reward Tips for Students New to cashback rewards? Fret not! […]

Maximizing Retirement: Cashback Reward Tips All Seniors Need To Know

17 Jan 2024 by

In the golden years of retirement, seniors often seek ways to make the most of their financial resources. While living on a fixed income, seniors can unlock a valuable financial tool to enhance their lifestyle with cashback rewards. In this article, we’ll explore cashback rewards tips for seniors that are a game-changer, providing a pathway […]

Cashback Credit Cards: 5 Differentiators You Need To Know

29 Nov 2023 by

Cashback Credit Cards Are Not Created Equal Do you have a cash rewards credit card? If you read our article on cashback stacking, you already know having one (or more) cash reward cards allows you to benefit from a potent double delight when it comes to maximizing cashback rewards. If you don’t have a cash […]

Black Friday Deals: The Best Cashback Offers of 2023

24 Nov 2023 by

Ignite Your Cashback Rewards: The Countdown Begins! The clock is ticking, and the thrill is palpable. Black Friday is not just a day; it’s a once-in-a-year spectacle where prices plummet, and savings soar to unprecedented heights. Dollar Dig has scoured the retail landscape to give you a treasure trove of Black Friday Deals that will […]

Cashback Stacking: How To Maximize Your Earnings

21 Nov 2023 by

Are you looking to maximize your cashback rewards? At Dollar Dig, we are always looking for ways to give our members the most cashback possible. One way we do this is by consistently offering the highest cash back amounts possible directly to you. In this article, we have another tip that could significantly increase your […]

The Best Cashback Deals on Black Friday 2022

18 Nov 2022 by

The shopping fun is here! Black Friday deals are already hitting local stores, but you can multiply the savings when you shop online through Flip through our convenient savings guide to discover the best Black Friday cashback deals. When you click a simple link to your favorite stores, you can shop their online deals […]

Don’t Leave Thanksgiving For Last Minute… Start Planning NOW.

02 Nov 2021 by

We’ve all seen the people rushing into the grocery store on Thanksgiving morning in a desperate attempt to grab a turkey for dinner. Don’t be THAT person this year, and start planning your Thanksgiving feast in advance. Here are some tips to help you plan the best Thanksgiving ever: Hunt your own turkey If you […]

How To Rock Your Halloween Spirit in 2021

13 Oct 2021 by

Are you the person who goes all out for Halloween with decorating and costumes, or do you turn off all the lights and hide in your house watching scary movies in the dark? This Halloween, we’re giving you permission to go all out and rock your Halloween spirit for all to see! It can be […]

Home Fall Decorating Guide

22 Sep 2021 by

The cooler weather is upon us. How are you going to stay cozy this Fall and Winter? Most stores are already stocked with Halloween decor, but don’t let that distract you from the other Fall seasonal decor and items on the shelves. Now is the time to get everything you need to transform your home […]

Back-To-Business: How to Run a Successful Business in 2021

08 Sep 2021 by

Summer is a wonderfully lazy and relaxing time for many people. A chance to unwind and take a break after a busy year. But it’s September, and the kids are back in school. It’s time for you to get back to work! If you own a business, you likely have a never-ending to-do list. Here […]

Your Labor Day 2021 Shopping Guide

27 Aug 2021 by

Shoppers rejoice! Labor Day sales are on right now (and over the next few weeks). With the change of the seasons comes great deals that you don’t want to miss! Here are some great sales and items to watch for that usually go on sale around late summer and fall: Summer Apparel September marks the […]

Going Back-To-School: A Parent’s Survival Guide

13 Aug 2021 by

There are two types of parents: those who dread back to school and shopping, and those who love it better than Disneyland! Which type of parent are you? As kids begin returning for the 2021-22 school year, things are still looking slightly different, but that doesn’t have to stress you out! Here are our tips […]

LOOKFANTASTIC Back-to-School Giveaway

03 Aug 2021 by

Back-to-School 2021 Shopping Guide

27 Jul 2021 by

Summer break is nearly over for kids across the country. Avoid the madness of in-store back-to-school shopping this year by getting everything you and your kids need for a successful school year from the comfort of your computer (or smartphone). Here is our guide for buying school supplies and resources online for 2021: Online Learning […]

Tips to Keep the Kids Occupied for the Summer

06 Jul 2021 by

Everyone loves summer: the sun, the beach, outdoor activities, and late evenings on the patio. For parents, the summer sun means their kids are home all day, every day and entertaining them can be a struggle. Have no fear because here are some great ways to entertain your kids this summer so you can get […]

Essential Gear for a Memorable Summer Camping Trip

25 Jun 2021 by

Are you excited about the Summer camping season? As you’re preparing for your upcoming summer camping trip, you may discover that your gear needs replacing or it’s time to upgrade. Here is our summer camping essentials guide: Camping Gear Your first gear-up stop should be at a large retailer like Cabela’s. Browse their online shop and […]

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

11 Jun 2021 by

It’s Dad’s turn for some recognition! So this Father’s Day, show the Dads in your life how much you appreciate them with the perfect Fathers Day gift. Here are our top picks for the Dad in your life: Gifts for the Funny Dad We’ve all got at least one Dad in our extended family who […]

Top 7 Better Burger Tips: Happy National Hamburger Month

25 May 2021 by

Have you been craving a big, juicy burger on the patio? Summer is nearly here, which means you can fire up the BBQ and get the fixin’s ready for a BBQ burger party! May is National Hamburger Month, so we thought it was time to give you some tips for making better burgers this summer! […]

Self-care Ideas For The Whole Family: Mental Health Awareness Month

10 May 2021 by

You’ve heard people tell you to “fill your bucket before you fill others’ buckets.” We’ve definitely been more aware of our need for self-care over the past year. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, so today we’ve got some great self-care ideas for every member of your family: Find a hobby Do you have a […]

Gifts To Tickle Your Funny Bone

30 Apr 2021 by

We’ve all got that one person in the family. The person who looks for any opportunity to crack a dad joke or retort with a terrible pun at every social gathering. If you’ve got that person in the family, are that person yourself, you’re gonna love today’s blog theme: gifts to tickle your funny bone. […]

Springtime Tips For a Summer-Ready Backyard

12 Apr 2021 by

April is National Lawn and Garden Month! Has the sun started peeking out where you live? April is the month many of us come out from our winter hibernation and spend more time outdoors in our yards or patios. Here are a few ways to get your yard ready for summer 2021: Aerate your lawn […]

Shop All This Month To Support Autism Acceptance

31 Mar 2021 by

April is Autism Acceptance Month and Dollar Dig will donate 50% of our net profits in April again this year to a wonderful Autism non-profit organization committed to supporting children with Autism and their families. Every time you make a qualifying purchase through a Dollar Dig at a participating retailer, in addition to the cash […]

How to Manage Your Household Budget Like a Pro

10 Mar 2021 by

Whether you call it frugality, budgeting, or just being financially mindful, saving money is something many of us are making a more conscious effort to do. You could wait for the pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow, or get control of your finances yourself! If your grocery budget is getting out of […]