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Where To Save Money On Tricks And Treats This Halloween

27 Oct 2020 by


Save on Halloween tricks and treats

Halloween is a few days away and if you’re in need of Halloween goodies, costumes and stay-at-home essentials, we’ve put together a guide on where to look and save money in the process too:

Candy essentials

For most kids (and, let’s be real, adults too) candy is a big part of this holiday. Target always has a great supply of candies and Halloween goodies or you can get them from your nearest grocery store.

Non-edible treats

If you don’t want to hand out candy this year, perhaps some little trinkets and toys from Dollar General or DollarTreeonline. You could make mini craft kits or hot chocolate kits in zip lock bags for the older kids.

Creative costumes

If you’re not handy with a sewing machine, get your favorite costume from the Costume SuperCenter. They have all the hottest costumes for 2020 in stock right now. Halloween Express is also open year-round for all your costume needs.

If you’ve been excitedly scrolling through Pinterest and want to try your hand at a DIY costume, stock up on thread and supplies from Hobby Lobby or get fabric from your nearest thrift store.

Halloween movie night must-haves

Many families aren’t going trick or treating this year, and if that’s you, why not do a Halloween-themed movie night!

Movie night starts with a good movie of course. If you’re looking for a rare or hard-to-find flick, try  Movies Unlimited(they stock both classic and new movies). Or you can rent the scariest movie you can find from RedBox or stream one through Roku.

Of course, no movie night is complete without some popcorn! When that hot air popper just won’t cut it, get some tasty gourmet popcorn from King of PopThe Popcorn Factory or Topsy’s Popcorn.

If you’re in the mood for a Halloween-themed adult beverage to go with those salty snacks, get your spirits and drink mixes delivered straight to your door from Saucey.

Decorating Halloween cookies

Halloween isn’t just about carving pumpkins, why not decorate some cookies with the kids?

Make sure you have all the ingredients before you start, but if you discover you’re out of brown sugar or chocolate chips (they’re kinda essential cookie ingredients), order from Shipt and get your groceries delivered in as quick as an hour!

Halloween game night

If you plan to hide in a back room, away from the trick-or-treters, be sure to light some halloween candles and get a new board game! Ouija boards make a creepy Halloween game to play with your family or friends.

No matter how you celebrate Halloween this year, there is plenty to do that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg! Don’t forget that Dollar Dig is on your side with cash back for all your qualifying Halloween purchases at over 3000 stores!

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