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Tips to Keep the Kids Occupied for the Summer

06 Jul 2021 by

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Everyone loves summer: the sun, the beach, outdoor activities, and late evenings on the patio. For parents, the summer sun means their kids are home all day, every day and entertaining them can be a struggle.

Have no fear because here are some great ways to entertain your kids this summer so you can get a little relaxation in the sun too:

Swimming and water activities

Water and summer are a match made in heaven. It’s incredible how an $11 sprinkler can provide many hours of fun for our little ones. Grab your kids some water toys and water guns from the Dollar Store.

Or, if you have a pool, make maintaining it easy when you get your pool cleaning and maintenance supplies from In The Swim.

Feed the bookworms

Do you have a child who can read an entire Harry Potter book in a weekend? Stock up on some new books and feed their imagination! If you want them to get a little vitamin D too, set them up with a lounge chair or picnic blanket in the yard under a tree or patio umbrella. Don’t forget their sunscreen too!

Check your local community centers and libraries too. Many are offering summer reading programs for kids where they get points and prizes for reading! It’s a great way to motivate kids to read.

Make it educational

Who says summer is all fun and no work? If you’ve got some avid little learners in your family, get them some learning-based activity books or games to occupy them. You could also try a subscription to Kiwi Crate that offers age-appropriate art or science-themed activity boxes. 

In addition to all the survival and safety gear in your hiking backpack, pack some snacks too. Pack a Ziplock bag of Battle Bars or your favorite granola or protein bar. Just be sure to pack the wrapper in your backpack, so you leave no trace of your hike behind.

Let’s get physical

You’ve likely seen what happens when your kids are cooped inside all day without any exercise. They go bananas (and that’s putting it mildly).

Encourage them to get outside in this lovely weather with a backyard trampoline. They’re not like the trampolines of our youth, where we’d always fly off or get stuck in the springs. Many new trampolines are springless and come with attached safety nets to prevent that dreaded double bounce that makes you go flying off!

If you can escape from work for a day, why not take the kids out for a hike or a day at the beach? It’s a great way to get the whole family out and enjoying the fresh air. Be sure to wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun. As a bonus, after a day in the sun, the whole family is likely to sleep very well!

Get away on vacation

Now that travel is opening up worldwide, and right here in our own country, maybe it’s time to pack up the kids and take a vacation. Perhaps somewhere tropical, on a working-ranch, or all-inclusive resort. Or take them on a road trip of a lifetime across the country! 

You can survive two months with the kids at home for summer break! With the right entertainment and activities, they’ll enjoy a happy, healthy summer! When you’re stocking up on those summer activities online, do it through Dollar Dig.

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