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How To Organize Your Whole Life In 2021

28 Dec 2020 by

The most common New Years’ resolutions are either related to health or productivity and organization. If you’ve got an area (or two) of life you want to organize, then this guide is for you!

Just setting a resolution or a goal isn’t enough. If you want to achieve your goals you need to put in the work and create a plan to get there. Getting organized before you start working on your goals will help you succeed.

Here are our top favorite ways (and products) to organize your whole life in 2021 and beyond:

Let’s organize your calendar

As your schedule gets busier, it becomes difficult to remember all your appointments, bill due dates, and kids’ activities. Organize your whole family’s schedules with a paper planner from Day Runner, the Franklin Planner, or a momAgenda.

Let’s organize your kitchen

Is the kitchen the hub of your home? An organized kitchen means you spend less time rummaging through your drawers to find that one, tiny tool or appliance that you need.

Whether you’re looking for accessories to organize your kitchen (try Kitchen Source), some new appliances to make cooking quicker and easier (like appliances from Hamilton Beach), or need a complete renovation and cabinet organization systems (from a DIY hardware store like RONA), there are so many options to reorganize your kitchen to maximize space and find what you need quickly. 

Let’s organize your office

If you’re working from home (temporarily or permanently), make sure it’s working for you. An ergonomic chair can make a huge difference after sitting it in for 8 hours a day.

Also, organize your desk so the items you need most are within arm’s reach from a cabinet or shelf. If you need a new desk, filing cabinet, or office storage solution, try Office DepotOffice Designs, or

Let’s organize your health

To reach health and fitness goals, you need dedication and organization. Get organized and track your progress using a planner from Daily Greatness USA (a maker of journals and planners for wellness, body, mind, spirit, and personal development). 

Online fitness programs and products can also keep you on the right track. Some of our favorites are Aaptiv (for trainer-led, music-driven workouts), Beachbody (the maker of many popular health and fitness programs), and Fitbit (a wearable health and activity tracker).

Let’s organize some fun!

Is 2021 the year you’re going to spend more time on yourself? Schedule time every day or every week to do something to unwind. Perhaps you love craftingbaking, or digital gaming. Block off this time in your calendar so you don’t “forget” about it. 

The whole world is watching in anticipation to see what 2021 will bring. Don’t forget that only you can control if and when you reach the goals you set on December 31. Plan and organize these areas of your life to jumpstart your success!

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