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Going Back-To-School: A Parent’s Survival Guide

13 Aug 2021 by

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There are two types of parents: those who dread back to school and shopping, and those who love it better than Disneyland! Which type of parent are you?

As kids begin returning for the 2021-22 school year, things are still looking slightly different, but that doesn’t have to stress you out!

Here are our tips for managing the transition back to school this year:

Children’s safety

Keeping our children safe can be a daunting task when we send them out into the world without us. If your children are walking or biking to and from school on their own, you want to do everything you can to keep them safe and know where they are at all times.

If your kids have a smartphone, you can add tracking software (like Find my Phone from Apple), so you always know where they are and reach them for emergencies. If not, get an Amber Alert GPS device that allows for real-time GPS tracking, custom alerts, and 2-way voice communication (to remind your kid to come home for dinner or use for emergency communication).

Snack and lunch ideas

There is a popular meme that goes around every August. It goes something like this:

“I’m not sure how my kids are going to survive returning to school without 6 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and 367 snacks a day.” 

To help with the transition to 1-2 snacks and a lunch per day, provide delicious options in their lunch bag, including:

  • Bento boxes (get sectioned containers and add different finger foods and snacks in each compartment)

  • Cheese and crackers (let your kids pick their favorite crackers and cheeses)

  • KIND snacks (this company uses nutrient-dense premium ingredients in their over 70 snacks)

  • PeaTos snacks (these are “junk food” style snacks made from peas and are tastier than all your kid’s favorite junk foods!)


After a year of disrupted learning environments and extra distractions, some kids may be slightly behind in their core competencies for their grade level. If they need a little extra practice in certain areas, programs and resources from Evan-Moor Educational Publishers can help them get the extra practice they need to catch up. 

If your children are homeschooled this year, don’t stress about learning plans and activities and get everything you need from Knowledge Box Central to win the “Best Teacher” award with your kids. Sites like this make it easier for any parent to homeschool.

Reclaim the dining room table this year with new, dedicated homework desks for your older children. Look in stores like Ashley HomestoreOverstock, or even Walmart to find kid-or teen-sized desks and chairs for their homework corner.

Family schedules

For many parents, the return of the school year often means the return of the busy family calendar. Between extra-curricular activities, clubs, and appointments, parents can now choose between hardcopy planners and organizers (like from Day-TimerFranklin Planner, or momAgenda) or sharable digital calendars through Apple or Google. 

How to survive back-to-school as a parent

Surviving back to school as a parent can be less stressful when you plan and get organized at the start of the school year. Involve your older children more in decisions about buying clothes, furniture, and lunches.

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