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Springtime Tips For a Summer-Ready Backyard

12 Apr 2021 by

April is National Lawn and Garden Month! Has the sun started peeking out where you live? April is the month many of us come out from our winter hibernation and spend more time outdoors in our yards or patios.

Here are a few ways to get your yard ready for summer 2021:

Aerate your lawn

Are you itching to spend this summer outdoors? That feeling of fresh grass between your toes is one of our favorite parts of summer! Make sure your grass is healthy by aerating your lawn now.

Aerating removes plugs of soil from your lawn, allowing the roots to get better airflow and to more directly deliver nutrients (aka fertilizer) where it’s needed. You can purchase a manual aerator (it’s like a big shovel with spikes) or buy a gas-powered aerator (Home Depot or MTD Parts, in the US or Canada, usually has these).

Plant a garden

After weeding your garden beds, it’s time to start planting some fresh flowers and vegetables. If needed, you can start your garden plants indoors with hydroponics gear. Or, if the weather is already good in your region, you can grab your gardening tools and start planting outside!

Get comfy patio furniture

Some other yard furniture you may need to create your backyard oasis may include:

If you’ve still got plastic patio chairs from the 90’s, it’s probably time to invest in something new (and more comfortable). You can get outdoor patio furniture with cushions that are water-resistant and made for outdoor use. Set up an outdoor sectional around a roaring fire pit to enjoy some warm summer nights in the comfort of your own backyard.

Set up a fire pit

Speaking of fire pits, if you can’t go camping this year, why not get a campfire for your yard. You can get ones with coals, firewood, or even propane and natural gas-fueled. Enjoy roasting marshmallows or hotdogs over the coals or open flame, or lounge around the fire with your friends and family on a warm summer evening with a cold brew or beverage.

To get that feeling of backwoods camping in your backyard, consider a new set of camping chairs around the firepit.

Go for a dip in the pool

Maybe this is the year you invest in an above- or below-ground pool or hot tub. Just make sure you get all the pool maintenance and cleaning supplies to keep it clean and fresh!

To get that feeling of backwoods camping in your backyard, consider a new set of camping chairs around the firepit.

Summer entertaining/food

Another favorite part of summer is all the summer foods and beverages you can now get. What foods feel like quintessential summer for your family?

Last summer may have been a bit of a disappointment with so many restrictions, but the possibilities for this summer are looking much brighter. If you have a yard or patio, now is the time to start getting it ready so you can enjoy the long, warm days and nights in the safety and comfort of your own yard.

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