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Brain Academy. Earn 10% Cashback

  • Brain Academy

    Brain Academy

    The Brain Academy was founded in 2014 with the goal to reach and teach as many people as possible about the brain.

    And it’s been a crazy ride. The Brain Academy has helped over 300.000 people in 194 countries to get a better understanding of their brain.

    From a TEDx Talk in Romania, over a UNICEF backed project in South America, to countless conferences and speaker engagements, we’ve been busy.

    We have an ongoing partnership with the Economist. Our leadership course was featured in ‘Entrepreneur’ as one of the top 10 online leadership courses. Our Neuroplasticity course was featured in ‘Mentalfloss’ as one of the coolest online courses. We’ve been featured on Mashable, CNN, and an evergrowing list of podcasts and interviews.

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