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  • Britannica Kids

    Britannica Kids

    At Britannica Kids, our mission is to provide a safe environment with trusted content that fosters learning and growth for your whole family.

    Continuing the 250+ year legacy of Encyclopedia Britannica, a subscription to Britannica Kids supports children’s learning and curiosity.
    There are four age-appropriate reading levels allowing the product to grow with the children that use it:

    Fundamentals – for kids Pre-K to Grade 2
    Kids – for up to Grade 5
    Students – for Grades 6-8
    Scholars – for Grades 9 and up


    Kids get access to more than 100,000 articles, images, and videos, as well as lessons and projects on the Activities Corner, a dictionary powered by Merriam-Webster, and interactive country data.

    Britannica Kids is a safe and trusted environment for all children, that parents can feel good about their screen time usage.

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Britannica Kids Coupons

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