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Bruno Magli. Earn 2% Cashback

  • Bruno Magli

    Bruno Magli

    In 1936, after learning the art of shoe-making from their grandfather, Bruno Magli and his siblings, Marino and Maria, began crafting women’s shoes in a small basement in Bologna, Italy. Bruno’s imagination and creativity produced beautifully crafted shoes and original designs and in 1948, the family opened their first factory. With the start of the 1950’s, Italian footwear began to be recognized throughout Europe and the rest of the world as an expression of taste and economic standing. The Maglis were the first in Italy to understand the importance of targeting production for export, and it was the beginning of a prosperous time that would lead Bruno Magli to become a symbol for quality Italian footwear around the world. As they continued to grow, the collections expanded to include men’s and women’s accessories and leather apparel. Today, almost 85 years after the company was founded, Bruno Magli continues to be defined as a classic Italian luxury brand, priding itself on a dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

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