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Chef V. Earn 15% Cashback

  • Chef V

    Chef V

    We realized it can be difficult and expensive for consumers to make healthy meal choices when trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. We seek to change that!

    Chef V offers the supplies, tools, knowledge and support that your customers need to start leading a healthier life in the most convenient and cost-effective way possible. Customers start every week with a free delivery of fresh, healthy ingredients, chilled and waiting in their own Chef V cooler bag!

    Our Organic drink products are a great fit for many niches: diet sites, organic foods, fitness bloggers, healthy living sites, coupons sites and many more! If you can reach these markets, we want to work with you! Our deliveries are reaching more and more markets across the US – so we can help customers lose weight, no matter where they live!

    Conditions: New Customers Only.

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