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    Curveez stands at the intersection of modern comfort and perfected elegance—a brand that transcends the conventional boundaries of lingerie to empower women with the confidence that comes from luxurious comfort. Our commitment is unwavering: we aim to help our customers feel confident in their skin without compromising on the exquisite luxury of comfort.

    At the heart of Curveez lies the philosophy that women should be able to look flawless in any outfit, effortlessly and with grace. Our innovative solutions are designed to empower real women, allowing them the freedom to wear whatever they desire, whenever and wherever they please. This ethos is not just a brand identity; it’s a personal journey for our founder, Janice Santiago.

    Janice Santiago, the driving force behind Curveez, embarked on her entrepreneurial journey with a mere $400 in her pocket. In the year 2000, facing the challenges of unemployment, she initiated her first business venture within the confines of her home garage, selling intimates via catalog. It was a daily struggle marked by low self-esteem, persistent self-doubt, and challenging sales. Yet, inspired by her hard-working mother and buoyed by the encouragement of her best friend, Janice persevered.

    In 2006, a pivotal moment occurred when Janice discovered the shapewear industry during a visit to a fair in Colombia. Initially skeptical, she became a convert after experiencing firsthand the confidence-boosting magic of shapewear. Recognizing the immense demand and potential for shapewear, Janice embarked on a transformative journey to fill a gap in the market—shapewear for plus-size women.

    The evolution continued in 2007 when Janice rebranded her company as Curveez Group, encompassing Curveez and Tecnomed. The rebranding brought forth more size inclusivity, sophistication, and innovation to the market. For two decades, Curveez has been directly selling intimates to stores and distributing them worldwide, becoming a testament to the brand’s enduring success.

    Janice Santiago’s story is one of resilience, determination, and the triumph of an improbable dream. From the struggles of a small home garage business to the global success of Curveez, Janice shares her journey with the hope of empowering women worldwide to pursue their dreams and confidently embrace their unique beauty.

    Curveez is not merely a lingerie brand; it’s a celebration of womanhood, a journey of self-discovery, and a testament to the transformative power of confidence. Our products are not just garments; they are tools that empower women to express their individuality with grace and ease. Join us in celebrating the Curveez spirit—a spirit that defies limits, embraces diversity, and champions the beauty of confidence. Welcome to Curveez, where modern comfort is perfected, and every woman’s journey is honored with style, grace, and unwavering confidence.

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