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    Welcome to the captivating realm of DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse, where every step taken is a celebration of style, comfort, and individuality. Our legacy is a tapestry woven with threads of brand name and designer dress, casual, and athletic footwear and accessories that cater to the diverse tastes of fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Our journey commenced in the vibrant year of 1991 when the doors of our first store swung open in Dublin, Ohio. Since then, DSW has evolved into a beacon of fashion and choice, with a presence spanning more than 500 stores across 44 states, where shoes aren’t just objects but gateways to self-expression.

    At the heart of our ethos lies a commitment to offering more than just footwear; we offer a curated experience that transcends trends and resonates with personal style narratives. Whether you’re stepping into a formal occasion, embracing casual outings, or seeking athletic prowess, DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse is your sanctuary of choice. Our collections are a testament to the belief that shoes are more than just functional necessities; they’re manifestations of identity, reflections of personality, and statements of fashion.

    But our journey extends beyond offering an extensive array of shoes and accessories. In 2018, a pivotal partnership transformed DSW into a true force in the footwear industry. With the acquisition of Camuto Group, renowned for its legendary product design and brand development, we expanded our horizons exponentially. Camuto Group’s legacy shines through brands like Vince Camuto®, Jessica Simpson®, and Lucky Brand®, which have become synonymous with style and innovation. This collaboration reshaped Designer Brands into one of the largest footwear companies in North America, endowed with a global footprint and industry-leading capabilities in product design, development, sourcing, and production.

    The story of DSW Limited is a testament to our enduring legacy. The opening of the first DSW location in 1952 marked the beginning of a journey that now spans over 50 locations across Canada. With each store, we’ve woven ourselves into the fabric of communities, becoming more than just a retail destination but a cultural cornerstone where shoes are celebrated, and style thrives.

    Our commitment to excellence is further reflected in our status as a public company since 2005, with our stock being traded on the prestigious New York City Stock Exchange as “DSW.” This standing is a tribute to our unwavering dedication to quality, transparency, and innovation.

    DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse is more than a brand; it’s a lifestyle, a philosophy, and an embodiment of the adoration for shoes. Every step taken in our footwear is a step towards self-expression, fashion, and empowerment. Join us in celebrating the love of shoes and continue to journey with us as we redefine the world of fashion, one step at a time. Your path to style, comfort, and identity begins here, with DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse.

    3.25% Cashback
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