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    Founded in 2004, eSky was established with the aim of creating a platform that would enable users to quickly and easily book flights. Over the years, the company has achieved its goal and has grown into a reputable brand. eSky started expanding to foreign markets in 2008, starting with Bulgaria and Romania. The brand’s success in these markets encouraged further expansion, and in 2009, eSky continued its journey of expansion by introducing its brand to other countries in Europe.

    In 2011, eSky expanded into Brazil and Latin & South America, creating the eDestinos brand. eDestinos quickly gained popularity in these regions and today, the brand is present in 18 countries. eSky’s success and expansion continued in Central and Western Europe, and in the USA.

    As a brand, eSky is dedicated to providing its customers with a seamless experience when it comes to booking flights. The company’s innovative tools and technology make the booking process effortless and convenient. With a presence in multiple countries and regions, eSky has become a global brand that provides customers with access to affordable and flexible travel options.

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