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Field Supply. Earn 4.75% Cashback

  • Field Supply

    Field Supply

    Field Supply is a zesty gumbo of ever-changing deals on superfluous stuff you don't need, all at mind-numbingly deep discounts. Think of us as the drunken vagrant who emerges from the back alley to cause havoc. In fact, the only difference between us and a bag of manure is the bag.

    Warning: long-winded but very light and totally digestible gobbledygook ahead. This site is unfocused, meandering, boring, and delusional. Other than that, it's riveting. Riveting like a riot at an insane asylum. Only without the asylum. Or the riot. Just sane prices on stuff for dudes. Whatever we feel like buying and whatever we can beat up manufacturers and buy for pennies on the dollar.

    This site is like a daily treasure hunt and we've got new stuff every day. In fact, we've got more baggage than Queen Elizabeth on a road trip. And when we throw it all into a blender and toss a copious helping of morbidly obese discounts, it makes for one tasty unholy cocktail. Who has two thumbs and likes the sound of that? We do. Your transformation from filthy deviant to fine upstanding citizen will then be complete. Blah, blah, blah.

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