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    FX2 Funding stands as a trailblazing proprietary trading platform, distinguishing itself by empowering highly skilled traders who, despite their proficiency, may find themselves undercapitalized. Our mission is rooted in the belief that talent should not be hindered by financial constraints, and thus, we offer a unique avenue for traders to amplify their wealth through our proprietary trading model.

    At the heart of FX2 Funding is our commitment to providing traders with expansive funded accounts. This initiative is tailored to individuals who demonstrate advanced proficiency in currency trading, offering them a platform to showcase their skills and potential. Our approach is not just about providing financial backing; it encompasses a comprehensive trading toolkit, fostering a sense of community within an elite global network, delivering world-class support, and implementing a market-leading profit split. This holistic support system is designed to create an environment where traders can thrive, grow their wealth, and achieve their financial goals.

    As an entity registered in the United States, FX2 Funding, LLC operates with the backing of extensive private capital holdings. This financial robustness, coupled with our strategic partnership with the globally regulated broker EightCap, positions us uniquely to facilitate large-scale, long-term financial transactions. The synergy between our financial structure and our relationship with EightCap forms a solid foundation that allows us to conduct transactions at a scale that sets us apart in the industry.

    FX2 Funding is not merely a prop firm; it is the next-generation prop firm that is shaping the landscape of trading on a global scale. By powering the profits of traders worldwide, we aim to redefine the traditional paradigms of proprietary trading. Our vision extends beyond just facilitating transactions; it encompasses creating an ecosystem where traders can flourish, where their skills are recognized and rewarded, and where financial barriers are transcended.

    In essence, FX2 Funding represents a fusion of cutting-edge technology, financial expertise, and a commitment to nurturing talent. We are not just a platform; we are a catalyst for the success of traders, offering them an opportunity to be part of a forward-thinking community that shares a collective vision for financial empowerment. FX2 Funding is not the future of trading; it is the present—a dynamic force propelling the success stories of traders globally. Welcome to FX2 Funding, where talent meets opportunity, and the next generation of trading unfolds.

    7.5% Cashback
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FX2 Funding Coupons

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