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    Meet German-Slippers, both a young, sky-rocketing brand and niche world leader. We have been in the trade of selling slippers and comfort footwear for over 25 years. We offer 5-star service (10.000 + 5-star reviews) across a multitude of eCommerce platforms both in Germany and abroad.   With close to 400 different models and more than 12.000 pairs in stock – many of them unique – and over 200.000 regular customers from all over the world, German-Slippers is the number one online purveyor of high-quality house shoes made of fine boiled wool, sturdy wool felt and smooth leather from Germany.

    4% Cashback
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German Slippers Coupons

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Cashback with German Slippers Work?

When you use our link to navigate to German Slippers, you'll be using a unique ID that is associated with your purchase. Once you buy the product or services from German Slippers, the cashback is applied to your Dollar Dig account. The waiting period usually takes 90 days however if there is a change you'll be notified. Cashback on your order will show as 'pending' in your account and may take up to ten days to register as German Slippers may not report the cashback code until your order is shipped.

My German Slippers Cashback amount isn’t showing up, what do I do?

If you do not receive cashback for your German Slippers order within 10 days of the shipping date, please submit a support ticket. Do not submit tickets prior to 10 days after the shipping date or more than 45 days after the shipping date.

What Are The Terms and Conditions for German Slippers Cashback Offers?

When you use Dollar Dig to get the best value for your money, you need to buy your product within an hour of clicking the link. Make sure that you don't visit multiple websites before making your purchase, as this can cause problems with the unique token being used for your cashback discount. There are a couple of other things you should be aware of: Some browser toolbar apps and other discount apps installed on your web browser can interfere with your Dollar Dig Cashback discounts. It's best to use Incognito mode or 'private' browser mode for your shopping. German Slippers coupon codes and other German Slippers promo discounts don't always combine with cashback and can void the cashback offer. It is at German Slippers prerogative whether they'll honor both.

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