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Gooseberry Intimates. Earn 10% Cashback

  • Gooseberry Intimates

    Gooseberry Intimates

    Gooseberry Intimates sells a wide variety of lingerie, loungewear, and swimwear. Our product is versatile and well loved by customers, with an average order value of $130 Gooseberry is an affordable yet effortlessly sexy option for all. Gooseberry has a long history of being worn by some of the most famous celebrities out there, from the Kardashians to JLO there is a Gooseberry style for all. Our goal has always been to make lingerie an integral part of every outfit, a bit of lace to elevate your everyday style. Our swimwear range is timeless, our cuts and color perfect for every occasion and often worn both at the pool and out on the town.

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