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    Traditional hair care is all suds and no substance. For years shampoo and conditioner have been hailed as the path to cleanliness and style, when in reality they have on the daily stripped our hair of millions of years of evolutionary biology.

    Haircare companies know this, yet they refuse to change their products, even as their plastic bottles populate landfills and chemical remnants from sulfates and parabens flood our oceans – taking our good, natural hair oils with them. And what happens when these oils go? Even luxury brands give us post-shower, leave-in, spray-on, comb-thru nonsense in an attempt to bring our hair back to neutral.

    Somewhere along the way we became slaves to these products.

    Hairstory is breaking this pattern without breaking your strands. We are a whole new line of haircare created to save your scalp, starting in the shower. We don’t make shampoo. In fact, we are shampoo’s worst nightmare. We are the truth. We are the future. We are the solution to all the problems traditional haircare causes you and the environment.

    We cleanse without stripping and style without piling, encouraging your hair to do what it was meant to do: look good, lay well, and feel nice. Consider the rules of haircare officially changed, welcome to the age of Hairstory.

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