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  • MiLi Smart Health

    MiLi Smart Health

    MiLi Pure Spray converts mineral water in to hydrogen rich water that delivers moisture and a healthy dose of antioxidant in the form of hydrogen to your skin. Pure spray smart device connects via blue tooth to free MiLi app on your smart device to allow build in moisture reader to measure hydration of your skin. MiLi app then calculates exact amount of spray to be released by pure spray to achieve proper hydration to your skin. Hydrogen rich water will combat free radicals in your tissues thus slowing down the aging process of your skin. MiLi pure spray is safe and suitable for all skin types.
    Did you know? Hydrogen gas is the perfect antioxidant. Because…..It is effective because its size. Hydrogen is the smallest molecule able to penetrate deep inside the tissues. See the example of different antioxidants size below according Molecular weights. Circle illustrates relative size of H2, Vitamin C, Glutation and Vitamin E. H2=1, Vitamin C=176, Glutation=309, Vitamin E=431 Only mineral water is needed, we are offering natural products that work!! And we have biochemist to backup!!

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