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Hamboards. Earn 7.25% Cashback

  • Hamboards


    Over the years various skateboards have tried to capture that feeling of being on a wave. Hamboards is Surf on Wheels. For land surfers, we build the very finest handcrafted long board skateboards, street stand up paddle boards and land paddles.

    The Hamboard story revolves around a family of 7 surfers from Huntington Beach, California.

    Over the years of living close to the beach the 5 brothers would grow to love the ocean and devote themselves to thoroughly enjoying it; surfing, diving, spear fishing, body surfing the Wedge, and eventually all become professional ocean lifeguards. With no intentions of designing a new style of skateboards or making a product, they simply wanted to make something that felt like they were riding a surfboard when they rode it.

    Having a really fun skateboard to ride when the surf was flat became a family project.

    It only took them 8 years or so to get it right! The result is a HAMBOARD, which has a phenomenal similarity to surfing.

    Nevertheless surfers, skaters and active people worldwide are having a blast carving big flowing turns, driving rail to rail hacks, or cross-stepping up to the nose to hang ten on their Hamboards which they can purchase conveniently online at Hamboards.com.

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