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HP Canada. Earn 1.5% Cashback

  • HP Canada

    HP Canada

    At HP Inc., we believe in reinvention.

    We believe that technology should make life better for everyone everywhere.

    This vision guides everything we do, how we do it, and why we do it.

    It is why we keep reinventing our company, our technologies, and what tomorrow holds—so industries, communities, and individuals can keep reinventing how they operate, ideate, and create what matters the most to them.

    “Keep Reinventing” is our operating system.

    It is the idea behind the way we act, think, and feel, and behind the world we believe in.

    Every single day, we help shape this new world with the heart, creativity, and energy of a startup, and with the brain, muscles, and determination of a Fortune 100 company.

    We aim for excellence through collaboration and believe that by melding the best and the brightest talent, enriched by diverse backgrounds and perspectives of every stripe, we can succeed in understanding what matters the most to our customers and to every individual across society.

    Conditions: Not valid on Instant Ink, or order over $10,000 within the same 3 weeks.

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