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    iHood, as a pioneering heated apparel manufacturer, stands at the forefront of innovation by uniting research and development, cutting-edge design, and efficient production with the dynamic world of sales. Our journey is not just about creating heated clothing; it’s a mission to redefine the way we experience the great outdoors during winter, fostering a newfound sense of comfort and warmth, even in the harshest of climates.

    At the helm of our innovative endeavor is our founder and CEO, Mary Zou, a true visionary and lifelong outdoor enthusiast. Mary’s passion for nature and adventure has ignited her love for winter sports. However, she grappled with the perennial challenge that plagues outdoor enthusiasts, particularly in colder climates – the discomfort of wearing bulky, cumbersome layers of clothing, and the incessant chills that creep into the extremities, robbing one of the sheer joy of being outdoors.

    Driven by this very personal struggle, Mary Zou set out on a mission to transform the winter sports experience. She recognized that the discomfort associated with conventional winter gear was an impediment to the full enjoyment of the outdoors, a factor that could deter people from embracing the beauty and thrill of winter activities. With an innate desire to bridge this gap between passion and practicality, Mary’s vision gave birth to iHood.

    Our commitment is to provide not just heated apparel but a revolutionary solution that paves the way for more immersive and enjoyable winter sports and outdoor adventures. With Mary’s guiding spirit, we bring to life heated garments that offer unprecedented warmth without the bulk, enabling outdoor enthusiasts to stay cozy and comfortable, even in the face of frigid temperatures.

    We believe that innovation should extend beyond the initial spark of creativity, touching every facet of our operations. Our dedicated research and development teams work diligently to create technologically advanced and stylish heated clothing that redefines what it means to be warm in cold weather. Every element, from the heating technology to the materials used, is scrutinized and perfected to ensure both performance and style are seamlessly intertwined.

    Design is a hallmark of our brand. We understand that staying warm shouldn’t mean sacrificing aesthetics. Our heated apparel reflects the latest trends and fashion sensibilities, allowing you to look and feel great while you embark on your winter adventures.

    Our manufacturing processes adhere to the highest standards, ensuring that the quality of our products remains unparalleled. This commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of our operations, ensuring that the garments we provide are not just pieces of clothing but tools that enhance your outdoor experiences.

    Mary Zou’s journey from winter sports enthusiast to CEO and innovator is a testament to the passion that drives our mission. Her personal experience underscores our dedication to the comfort and well-being of our customers, as we strive to eliminate the barriers that separate you from the great outdoors. With iHood, winter becomes not just a season but a gateway to thrilling and memorable experiences, a time when you can embrace the cold with open arms and warm hearts.

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