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MassGenie. Earn 3% Cashback

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    MassGenie is a unique online marketplace that gamifies shopping for buyers and sellers. Through crowdsourcing, MassGenie lets buyers drive down prices on the items they want and helps sellers market higher volumes of items in a short period of time.

    With crowd shopping and crowd selling, everybody wins.

    Why shop at MassGenie?

    Buyers get a say in item prices. At MassGenie, buyers can set up a Power Deal to get a lower price on a wide variety of items and improve their buying power. Buyers can use crowdsourcing to boost demand for items using social media while also earning points they can use in the marketplace.

    Sellers can directly market to customers. MassGenie lets sellers directly market their goods to customers. Plus, sellers can use the MassGenie seller portal to spend as little or as much as they want on advertising.

    MassGenie’s Power Deals make shopping more fun and interesting. MassGenie gamifies the shopping experience through Power Deals. Selling prices become unpredictable from one Power Deal to the next, so buyers and sellers always get new opportunities to get the best deals.

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