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    MORRFlate Multi Tire Inflation Deflation Kits are the ultimate solution for those who love off-roading and exploring unpaved terrain. The company was founded on the belief that inflating and deflating tires should be hassle-free and enjoyable. In 2003, the founders realized that there was no portable multi-tire inflation and deflation system in the market that could meet their needs. So, they decided to create their own.

    Now, MORRFlate is the industry leader in portable multi-tire inflation and deflation systems. The company’s mission is to make the off-roading experience less painful and more enjoyable. The kits are designed to be compact, easy to use, and efficient. They come in neon green, which not only stands out but also makes you stand out among your off-road buddies. The neon green hose material is durable and doesn’t kink, freeze, get brittle, or hold memory. So, you can keep it rolled up in your rig during the off-season, and it will roll out perfectly flat whenever you need it.

    One of the highlights of MORRFlate Multi Tire Inflation Deflation Kits is that they air up and air down all four tires at the same time. This means less time squatting, monitoring individual tire PSIs, waiting, and walking around the vehicle in circles. The multi-tire design ensures that all of your tires get evened out automatically. You can check your tire PSI via your in-dash TPMS screen, or by checking your MORRFlate Digital Gauge.

    Using MORRFlate Multi Tire Inflation Deflation Kits not only saves you time but also saves your compressor. The system splits the air between all four tires, which helps your compressor work more efficiently and not get quite as hot due to backpressure. If your compressor does more than 2CFM, then you are slowly burning it up by only airing up one tire at a time.

    MORRFlate Multi Tire Inflation Deflation Kits come with triple-tooth locking collar air chucks that ensure the chuck won’t come off your valve stem. Most chucks only have one tooth or maybe two if you’re lucky. Over time, those teeth wear down your valve stem threads and stop grabbing. Then, you have to replace the chuck or your valve stems. MORRFlate chucks have a locking collar, which means it does not engage the valve stem until the collar is locked. This makes the three teeth last longer, and it also makes your valve stem threads last longer. One simple motion is all it takes to put them on and off. The MORRFlate chucks also default closed. So, if you only want to air up or down one or two tires, you can do so without any modifications to the system.

    MORRFlate Multi Tire Inflation Deflation Kits are B-Corp Certified, which means they prioritize reducing waste, creating premium products, and supporting coastal communities through their nonprofit, the Jetty Rock Foundation. The foundation has donated millions of dollars to clean water initiatives and disaster relief efforts for over a decade. By choosing MORRFlate, you’re not only getting a top-of-the-line product, but you’re also supporting a company that cares about the environment and the community.

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