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    Mountain Gazette is a renowned bi-annual culture magazine that has been captivating readers since its inception in 1966. The magazine is a true embodiment of the mountain culture and lifestyle that permeates through the United States. As an independently-owned publication, Mountain Gazette prides itself on providing readers with high-quality content from some of the best writers, original artists, and exceptional photographers from across the globe.

    The magazine has grown over the years, earning thousands of subscribers who eagerly anticipate every issue. Mountain Gazette features a range of topics, including outdoor adventures, skiing, snowboarding, and mountain culture, among others. The publication is a coffee table staple and often serves as an inspiration for mountain enthusiasts and professionals alike.

    Mountain Gazette’s commitment to sustainable practices is impressive, with the magazine being printed on recycled paper. Moreover, the magazine’s limited edition run helps to reduce the typical waste that is associated with large print runs. By partnering with organizations like the Shane McConkey Foundation, Protect Our Winters, and High Fives Foundation, Mountain Gazette gives back to the community and supports initiatives that promote sustainability and environmental preservation.

    In 2020, the magazine underwent a revival that reaffirmed its position as a leading voice in the mountain culture space. Mountain Gazette remains committed to providing exceptional content, high-quality images, and a unique perspective on mountain life, all while staying true to its core values of independence, sustainability, and community involvement.

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