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    NailSnaps is the creative commerce platform that Time, Huffington Post, Glamour, and Allure call a game changer.

    Heralded by Star Beauty, The Today Show, and even top beauty influencer Michelle Phan as “must-have” beauty/fashion tech. Our platform is home to thousands of nail artists and fans who have created over 50k purchasable nail designs with our award-winning NailSnaps mobile app. Together with our fierce team, we’re making NailSnaps the world’s best way to create, share, and wear custom nail art. We manufacture and ship all orders from our facilities in southern California – currently shipping to 27+ countries and counting!

    It’s Fast, easy, and addictive – and our numbers prove it.
    – We’re seeing over 4.6% purchase their designs – more than double standard retail conversion

    Nails have blossomed into an 8.5 billion dollar industry.
    – Nails are a highly viral category with explosive amounts of social sharing
    – Nail art is one of the top 5 most shared items on Instagram + Pinterest
    – Nails have become THE hot canvas for creativity and self-expression
    – Yet millions of women are still painting their nails the same tedious way they did 100 years ago. This is a category that is ripe for disruption.
    – All that sharing has driven the demand for custom nails into the stratosphere.

    Health & Beauty
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