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    Step into the world of Near Zero, a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, and the proud home of THE DEAN backpack. More than just a gear provider, Near Zero is a testament to founder Scott Jensen’s profound connection to nature and a heartfelt tribute to his late father, after whom THE DEAN is named. Scott’s journey in crafting this backpack is not just a business venture; it’s a labor of love, driven by the mission to make the rejuvenating power of nature accessible to all who harbor the desire to explore the great outdoors.

    THE DEAN, with its poignant namesake, stands as a symbol of homage to Scott’s father and his unwavering passion for the natural world. But beyond the sentimental value, THE DEAN is a meticulously designed backpack that encapsulates Scott’s dedication to making the outdoors accessible to everyone. The goal is clear: to provide quality, lightweight, and affordable gear that empowers individuals to experience the healing and calming influences of nature, mirroring Scott’s own profound connection with the wilderness.

    Scott envisions THE DEAN not just as a backpack but as a conduit for fostering a deeper connection with nature. It is an embodiment of his commitment to creating gear that transcends mere functionality, offering a means for individuals to forge their own adventures in the great outdoors. As a seasoned outdoorsman, Scott understands the transformative power of nature, and through THE DEAN, he endeavors to share this experience with others.

    At Near Zero, THE DEAN is not just a standalone backpack; it is the centerpiece of a comprehensive bundle that includes all the necessary backpacking essentials. This thoughtful approach ensures that even novice hikers can embark on their outdoor journeys with confidence, equipped with the essentials to “Get Out and Go.” It’s an invitation to embrace the call of the wild, regardless of one’s experience level, and to experience the joy and fulfillment that come from immersing oneself in nature.

    Scott’s love for the outdoors is deeply rooted in cherished memories of Boy Scout adventures and nights spent under the stars. These formative experiences, coupled with his father Dean’s influence, have shaped Scott’s commitment to creating gear that reflects the essence of genuine outdoor exploration. Dean, an avid outdoorsman himself, was known for meticulous preparation, from weighing each piece of equipment to undertaking impromptu overnight hikes in the Arizona desert just to test new gear. This dedication to the craft and love for the outdoors are woven into the fabric of Near Zero’s mission and THE DEAN backpack.

    As you explore Near Zero and THE DEAN, you’re not just acquiring outdoor gear; you’re becoming part of a community united by a shared passion for nature and adventure. Near Zero invites you to join the journey, where every backpack is a story, and every adventure is an opportunity to forge lasting connections with the outdoors. Embrace the spirit of exploration, honor the legacy of Dean, and let THE DEAN be your trusted companion on the path to discovering the wonders of the natural world.

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