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    OROA is a prestigious and established distributor and reseller of luxury furniture, lighting, and accessories in the USA. Since its inception, OROA has been dedicated to offering high-quality products to its customers. OROA has been recognized for its excellent customer service, top-notch quality products, and unbeatable prices.

    As the official distributor and reseller of Eichholtz in the USA, OROA has become synonymous with elegance, sophistication, and luxury. Eichholtz is one of the most reputable and renowned brands in the world of high-end furniture and home décor. The brand is known for its unique and timeless designs, meticulous attention to detail, and exceptional craftsmanship.

    At OROA, we offer a vast range of products from Eichholtz, including furniture, lighting, and accessories. Our extensive collection comprises more than 3K+ sky’s, ensuring that every customer can find the perfect piece to complement their décor. We take pride in our ability to offer our customers the latest and most up-to-date designs from Eichholtz.

    We understand that when it comes to luxury home décor, the devil is in the details. That is why we strive to provide our customers with exceptional service, quality, and attention to detail. Whether you are a homeowner, interior designer, or architect, our products are designed to elevate your living space and transform your home into a luxurious and elegant sanctuary.

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