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    Our journey is a heartfelt mission to enhance your everyday life, and it all starts with the place you call home. In 2019, we embarked on an exciting path, announcing our transition from running Gin Lane, a successful agency, to a new endeavor. We set out to create a family of brands, each sharing a common purpose: to infuse daily life with more joy and fulfillment.

    Home, we believe, is the cornerstone of daily existence. It’s more than just a physical space; it’s the emotional anchor where we seek solace, control, and a sense of belonging. Our homes are not static entities but ever-evolving extensions of ourselves. They reflect our aspirations, values, and the ebb and flow of our lives.

    As we embarked on this journey, we engaged with our growing community and listened closely to their stories and experiences. What resonated with us were the recurring sentiments shared by many. It was the challenge of creating a harmonious home that seamlessly blends keen design sensibilities with the practicalities of everyday life.

    This is where Pattern comes into the picture. Our vision for Pattern is to be your trusted companion on the path to creating a home that resonates with your values and lifestyle. We are dedicated to crafting and curating timeless products that transform everyday routines into meaningful rituals. In doing so, we aim to help you navigate the intricate process of making a house a home, bridging the gap between aesthetic aspirations and the practical realities of daily living.

    Our family of brands is built around the fundamental idea of promoting daily enjoyment at home. We understand that life unfolds in the spaces we create, and it’s the little moments, the routines, and the shared activities that define our daily existence. Through our brands, we focus on a variety of facets that contribute to daily well-being and fulfillment at home.

    Cooking is not just about nourishment; it’s a form of self-expression and a source of joy. Our brand, devoted to cooking, is designed to enhance your culinary experiences, whether you’re a seasoned chef or a novice in the kitchen.

    Organization is the cornerstone of a well-functioning home. Our brand dedicated to organization products aims to simplify your life, reduce clutter, and provide you with the tools you need to streamline your daily activities.

    Maintaining a space is not just about chores; it’s about nurturing an environment where you can thrive. Our brand focused on maintaining your home offers solutions that make these tasks more manageable and, dare we say it, enjoyable.

    In essence, our mission is to help you find delight in the everyday, and it begins with the place you call home. Pattern is here to be your trusted guide on this journey, offering timeless products and fostering meaningful rituals that transform your house into a cherished haven of daily joy. We believe that the path to daily enjoyment starts at home, and we are committed to helping you navigate it with style, grace, and a sense of fulfillment.

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Pattern Brands Coupons

  • Storage Gems at Open Spaces Get deal  

    Designed to be stackable so you can save space and maximize organization
    2-Piece Bundles include: 1 Short Gem, 1 Tall Gem, and 1 Lid
    4-Piece Bundles include: 2 Short Gems, 2 Tall Gems, and 2 Lids

    Our crystalline acrylic allows you to see what's inside your Gem while still looking neat and organized.

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