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PEX Prepaid Business Card. Earn $22.50 Cashback

  • PEX Prepaid Business Card

    PEX Prepaid Business Card

    The PEX Visa ® Prepaid Business Card offers a better way for employees to make company purchases — while employers stay in control of employee spending.

    Take charge of your small business’s finances with the PEX Visa Prepaid Business Card. Making company purchases easy and easy to track. Manage your expenses like a pro and from the convenience of a phone or laptop. The PEX cardholder app allows you to quickly capture receipts, add notes, and request funds all from the palm of your hand. Not only does PEX benefit the employer, but it benefits the employee as well. The time and stress of writing receipt reports can be erased and replaced with an efficient, easy to view system that is clear and concise. Try out PEX and see why 10,000+ businesses have already made the switch.

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    $22.50 Cashback
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