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Points.com. Earn 2% Cashback

  • Points.com


    Points.com helps the world’s leading loyalty brands engage their members in entirely new ways – both on Points.com and on their own loyalty program websites.

    Our members can trade and exchange their points/miles between their favorite reward programs. For example, they can convert their credit card points into flight miles on any number of top airlines. They can also cash in their points/miles for gift certificates to shop with top retailers.

    Member Benefits:

    Membership is free!
    Exchange miles or points between programs
    Shop using miles or points instead of dollars for gift certificates redeemable at hundreds of leading retailers
    Buy miles or points to get you to your goals quicker
    Earn more miles and points in existing programs
    Track miles and points in one place
    Share you miles and points with friends and family

    Conditions: Not valid on swaps, redemption of miles or points for gift card, GPX Accept a Trade, or redemption of miles/points for a gift card. Not valid on purchases for Starwood, Rocketmiles, Groundlink, Amtrak, Spirit, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Air France, or Carlson.

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