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    Purophy is the “Bentley” of all-purpose spray disinfectants. Purophy is an All-In-One Hand & Surface Cleansing Mist that is made of 70% Alcohol (10% above the CDC recommended amount), Plant-Based, Made with 100% Organic Aloe Vera, Each 2 fl Oz. Bottle Lasts Up to 400 Sprays & is Made In The USA. Purophy doesn’t clump or have any “goopy” feeling like standard pump sanitizer gels. Just feel clean and refreshed with every use.

    The Purophy Mission is very simple. The world is filled with more people, more germs, more viruses, and more interaction with one another every day. This calls for a rapid and sustained call to action from all of us to be more conscious with our hygiene so that we can help protect our families and communities 365 days a year. Purophy seeks to help people and communities stay safe while taking a Preventative approach to germ and virus outbreaks. Join the Purophy movement and help us all stay safe. #purophy

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