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    Smiffys and Fever: Elevating Fun and Fashion with Dress-Up Delight

    In the vibrant world of costume and dress-up, Smiffys has emerged as a beloved brand that encapsulates the essence of family-friendly fun. Since its inception, Smiffys has been dedicated to providing an extensive range of costumes and accessories, catering to both adults and children looking to transform themselves for any occasion. From the spine-tingling excitement of Halloween to the enchanting realms of book days, from fundraising activities that warm the heart to school curriculum events that ignite creativity, Smiffys is the go-to destination for those seeking to add a touch of magic to life’s celebrations.

    A Celebration of Imagination

    At Smiffys, we believe in the power of imagination and the joy of dressing up. Our costumes and accessories are carefully crafted to transport you to different worlds, to embody your favorite characters, and to make every moment special. Whether it’s a charity fundraising event, a lively carnival, a spirited festival, or any other occasion that calls for a touch of whimsy, Smiffys has you covered.

    Fever: Turning Up the Heat on Style

    In 2008, we introduced Fever, a brand that caters to the fashion-savvy individual looking to infuse their party look with contemporary flair. Fever offers a curated selection of dress-up options, lingerie, wigs, hosiery, and accessories that effortlessly elevate your style, whether you’re heading out for a night on the town or staying in for a memorable celebration. Fever is the embodiment of modern glamour and self-expression.

    Our Commitment: Value, Innovation, and Fun

    At Smiffys and Fever, we have a simple promise: to provide value for money, innovative designs, and, above all, fun. We understand that our customers are individuals who love to stand out from the crowd, celebrate with style, and embrace life with a sense of humor. Every costume and accessory we offer is a testament to this commitment.

    Designed with Love in the UK

    What sets Smiffys apart is our dedication to crafting costumes and accessories in-house, right here in our UK office. This ensures that every piece is imbued with the creativity, quality, and attention to detail that defines our brand. When you choose Smiffys, you’re choosing British craftsmanship at its finest.

    A World of Licensing

    To offer you the best range of products, we invest heavily in our licensing portfolio. With over 60 well-known best-selling brands in our repertoire, including iconic names like Grease, Top Gun, Where’s Wally, and Roald Dahl, there’s always a reason to turn to Smiffys for your dress-up needs. We believe that every costume should be an authentic representation of your favorite characters and worlds.

    Fighting Counterfeit, Ensuring Safety

    In a market susceptible to counterfeit goods masquerading as Smiffys products, we take a firm stance against unapproved resellers selling fake Smiffys-branded products online. Over the past year, we have removed a staggering 20,000 counterfeit listings from third-party platforms like eBay and Amazon, safeguarding both your sales and the integrity of our brand. We are committed to protecting consumers from potentially unsafe and criminally sourced products.

    Safety First: Our Responsibility

    At RH Smith, we hold our role as a supplier of family products with the utmost seriousness. We continuously strive to enhance our already high standards of safety and quality. Our safety record and standards are a source of pride, and we are always ready to provide supporting information to our retailers. Our commitment to education extends to consumers, as we aim to raise awareness about the risks associated with counterfeit and untested products.

    Partnering with Lincolnshire Trading Standards

    Smiffys is proud to collaborate with Lincolnshire Trading Standards through their Primary Authority scheme, underscoring our unwavering dedication to safety. We stand by our commitment to providing you with costumes and accessories that are not only fun but also safe, ensuring that your customers can celebrate with confidence.

    Join us in the world of Smiffys and Fever, where fun, fashion, and safety converge to create memorable moments and delightful celebrations. Welcome to a world where imagination knows no bounds, and where dressing up is a joyful art.

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