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Sugarmat. Earn 4.5% Cashback

  • Sugarmat


    Founded in Canada, Sugarmat is one of the fastest growing yoga retail brand in the world. Sugarmat is a group of chic and bubbly people based in Montreal, working to add joy and style to your everyday physical activities.

    In just a few years Sugarmat has become the leading designer yoga mats in the world, retailing in Anthropologie, Nordstrom and Bandier in the United States, and has appeared in several magazines such as Vogue, Oprah, Elle and Cosmopolitan

    Luxurious Mat & Towel Combo
    Suede synthetic top absorbs sweat and moisture increasing traction and providing the best grip.

    Aesthetics & Functionality Do Go Together
    Non-fade prints: the mats colors and prints are designed to be resilient over time. Machine washable: Just throw it into the washing machine then hang to dry.

    Respect the planet
    Our bottom rubber is sourced from 100% natural rubber, while the top is made of suede. No toxic materials. Biodegradable: Sustainable, recyclable and reusable. This is really the ultra cool mat.

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