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Synctuition. Earn 15% Cashback

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    The Synctuition app helps you de-stress and enjoy better sleeping patterns by using its more than 100 relaxing audio journeys. You simply play one of these journeys that appeals to you and it helps you relax.

    How it does this is backed by more than 106 scientific studies and as Dr Prudence Hall, an author and Synctuition’s mental health advisor explains: “For listeners to be completely transported to a different world in just 25 minutes could truly transform their state of mind and improve mental health. Personally, integrating the program’s journeys into my own self-care regimen has brought me peace and serenity throughout the current lockdown on numerous occasions.”

    Launched in the US 18 months ago, Synctuition has become the third biggest mindfulness app in America with more than four million users.

    Conditions: Only valid on monthly, yearly, or lifetime subscriptions.

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