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    Hans Dose is a man driven by creativity, a visionary who has always been captivated by the allure of exciting ideas and the tantalizing prospect of bringing them to life. But, as with all dreamers, he knew that an idea had to be truly exceptional to merit the dedication and effort required to turn it into reality.

    The pivotal moment in Hans’s journey came during a seemingly ordinary hiking trip with his now-wife, Lydia. Amidst the breathtaking beauty of nature, he realized that he had forgotten his tripod, an essential tool for capturing a cherished moment. Frustration momentarily clouded their romantic date, but Hans was determined to immortalize the occasion in a photograph.

    With no tripod at hand, Hans reluctantly propped his phone on a nearby tree branch, precariously balanced to snap a picture of the two lovebirds. Tragically, the iPhone slipped from its precarious perch and tumbled onto the unforgiving rocks below, leaving Hans with a broken screen and a feeling of regret.

    Undeterred by this mishap, Hans proceeded to attach his battered phone to his car mount to navigate their journey home. It was during this car ride that inspiration struck like a bolt of lightning. He pondered the idea that if he already had this large, ungainly car mount, why couldn’t it serve a dual purpose as a tripod?

    The concept crystallized in his mind: combine the essential elements of technology into a single, versatile device. Drawing inspiration from the boundless ocean, Hans mused, “Octopus tentacles are remarkably versatile and useful; what if I could create a product that emulated their flexibility?” And just like that, the idea was born: a tripod with tentacle-like flexibility, a third hand to replace all other mounting accessories.

    Yet, the road to realizing this vision was not a straightforward one. It involved countless prototypes, painstaking attempts, and failures, all in the pursuit of perfection. Hans’s determination paid off when he finally crafted a product that not only worked but worked exceptionally well.

    With a product in hand, Hans turned to the Kickstarter community to gauge whether his idea resonated with others. The response was overwhelming, with Tenikle raising over $110,000, far surpassing its initial $30,000 goal. The journey continued as Tenikle secured an additional $65,000 through IndieGogo and other pre-order platforms. The demand was undeniable, and the Tenikle story was only just beginning.

    But Hans didn’t rest on his laurels. He understood the importance of feedback and continuous improvement. After gathering constructive insights from its first 12,000 users, Tenikle underwent two significant engineering overhauls. These transformations were aimed at enhancing longevity, ease of use, quality, and suction strength, ultimately resulting in the creation of Tenikle 360.

    Then came the opportunity that would further propel Tenikle into the spotlight: Shark Tank. At that time, the business faced the challenges of Covid-19-related supply chain issues, forcing Hans and Lydia to adapt to a nomadic lifestyle, living in an RV on their parents’ property for nine months, striving to make ends meet with only $39 in the bank.

    Hans’s pitch on Shark Tank captured the attention and interest of the Sharks, and he found himself in the enviable position of choosing between multiple offers. Ultimately, he decided to partner with Daymond John, a decision that would prove to be pivotal. Since that moment, Hans and Daymond have successfully transformed Tenikle into a thriving multi-million dollar business.

    The Tenikle journey embodies the spirit of innovation, resilience, and unwavering commitment to a vision. It’s a testament to what can be achieved when a creative idea, combined with relentless determination, finds its place in the world. Tenikle has evolved from a simple concept into a multifunctional reality, touching the lives of countless individuals and leaving an indelible mark on the world of technology and innovation.

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