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  • Totally Guitars

    Totally Guitars

    Totally Guitars is a streaming online acoustic guitar lessons site.


    What sets Totally Guitars apart from other guitar sites?
    – Active forum
    – Community features
    – Student Video Upload Reviews
    – Recommend A Lesson Feature
    – Live Broadcasts
    – Many ways for our students to interact by uploading themselves playing

    Let’s talk lessons…

    Let’s start by answering what is a “lesson” on our site. Our lessons are typicially 8-12 parts each. Each part is an indepth fully explained segment. We do not count each part as a lesson like other sites claiming insane amounts of “lessons”. Our customers are very happy with their complete lessons that are simply the best quality instruction out there. Currently we have over 400 mulitple part TARGET Program Lessons. TARGET and Pay Per Lessons (Not Free) include tab, chart, and guitar pro files.

    Some Examples of lesson parts:

    Play Through
    The Chords
    Chord Progression
    Left Hand
    Right Hand

    Our lessons are taught by Neil Hogan with expert precision and over 45 years professional teaching experience.

    Education, Hobby, Music & Movies
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