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TransUnion | ShareAble For Hires. Earn 18% Cashback

  • TransUnion | ShareAble For Hires

    TransUnion | ShareAble For Hires

    ShareAble for Hires is a solution built by TransUnion that is designed help all small businesses screen job applicants easily and swiftly. It provides a convenient online portal for small business owners to vet applicants, who in many cases did not have a good way to perform pre employment background checks with a reputable company.

    It designed to be efficient. Unlike other background check services, ShareAble for Hires removes lengthy membership requirements and the need for on-site inspections. The whole process is built for self-service and can be done at anytime, anywhere.

    It removes roadblocks. Other screening solutions might require applications from SMBs to start. Some get rejected due to ineligibility. Others require to talk with a salesperson to establish an account. A business might have to wait hours or days until they are authorized to screen. ShareAble is different. It gives you immediate access to screening tools. It doesn’t have an application process. It’s designed to be made available for all SMBs whenever you need it.

    It is designed to be fast. We enable the screener to get immediate access to our tool, which can be used online and with mobile devices. From start to finish, our online employee screening process can be completed in a matter of minutes. Instead of waiting for reports, a SMB could make that important hire on-the-spot with reports delivered at near-instant speed.

    It is free to start and has transparent pricing. Unlike some other screening solutions, ShareAble no signup fees. It’s free to signup. Plus there are no memberships or volume commitments. SMB’s only pay when screening transactions are completed.

    It is reliable. It’s backed by TransUnion, a trusted consumer reporting agency with over 40 years of experience. FCRA-quality, detailed reports are delivered within minutes after an applicant finishes their account, which fast-tracks the hiring process. Employers receive a detailed credit report formatted exclusively for pre-employment screening and a criminal report pulling from over 370 million national and state criminal records for $60.

    With ShareAble for Hires, you can Signup Now, Screen Now, and Hire Now.

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