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    In the verdant landscapes of Northwest Oregon, Tweedle Farms has been cultivating its legacy since its establishment in 2015. As a family-owned hemp farm, we have become the epitome of excellence in delivering farm-to-table, terpene-rich, high CBD hemp flower, topicals, edibles, and concentrates. Our commitment revolves around core values: growing, producing, and delivering the best products at fair prices, all accompanied by unparalleled customer service. At Tweedle Farms, passion and dedication are woven into the very fabric of our existence, and we invite you to join us on a journey where quality meets compassion.

    Founder Jason Evans brings a wealth of diverse experiences to the helm of Tweedle Farms. Hailing from a farming background in Southern California, where he grew up on a sprawling 1,000-acre family farm cultivating an array of crops, Jason draws from his large-scale agronomy expertise to enrich his 100-acre property in Oregon. With an undergraduate degree in Finance, he spent two decades working in institutional fixed income trading, underwriting, and sales for esteemed companies like Bank of America Securities and Royal Bank of Canada. His entrepreneurial spirit also led him to own retail franchise stores, where he honed invaluable skills in inventory management, staffing, and delighting customers through strategic product placement and unmatched service.

    Jason’s dual role involves not only overseeing the farm in Jewell, Oregon, but also managing the retail website and the company’s packaging, shipping, and customer service facility in Portland, Oregon. His love for the outdoors is evident in his pursuits of hunting, fishing, hiking, and cherishing moments with family and friends.

    James, a fifth-generation Oregonian born and raised in Salem, brings his passion for plants and gardening heritage to Tweedle Farms. His early exposure to horticulture with his grandmother, who held a botany degree from Oregon State University, ignited his love for cultivation. Together with his wife, he tends to a small piece of land, raising chickens, nurturing a fruit orchard, and cultivating a large vegetable garden. His journey into hemp cultivation began in 2015, spurred by a desire to connect with the plant and make a positive impact.

    Andrew, a key member of the Tweedle Farms team, traces his fascination with cannabis back to the age of 10, driven by its cultural association with reggae, a genre of music he deeply appreciates. His involvement in the cannabis trade led him to Santa Cruz, CA, where he worked closely with the plant, contributing to the countercultural enclave. In 2017, he orchestrated the transition of a Santa Cruz-based dispensary from medical marijuana to adult-use cannabis, showcasing his expertise in various facets of the industry.

    Since joining Tweedle Farms in 2018, Andrew has played a pivotal role, contributing to product development, purchasing, graphic design, marketing, and content creation. His journey with cannabis continues, and he feels blessed to be part of such an amazing team.

    Together, the Tweedle Farms team invites you to explore a world where premium hemp products are a result of passion, expertise, and a deep connection to the plant. Join us in our commitment to delivering excellence and making a positive impact on the hemp industry.

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