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Essential Gear for a Memorable Summer Camping Trip

25 Jun 2021 by

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Are you excited about the Summer camping season?

As you’re preparing for your upcoming summer camping trip, you may discover that your gear needs replacing or it’s time to upgrade. Here is our summer camping essentials guide:

Camping Gear

Your first gear-up stop should be at a large retailer like Cabela’s. Browse their online shop and see what gadgets, tents, sleeping bags, and other outdoor gear you need for your upcoming adventure.

Then, once you’ve packed your tent and camp stove, don’t forget your air conditioner. Yep, you heard right! Icy Breeze makes a portable, battery-powered air conditioner that doubles as a cooler! It’s enough to take the heat off in the tent or RV at night!

RV Accessories

Before you warm up the RV for the season, stock up on all your RVing gear and camping essentials from Camping World’s website. If 2021 is the year you buy your first (or next) RV or travel trailer, Camping World has you covered too with RV Sales, Service, and Rentals at over 85 of their nationwide locations.

For lounging outside your RV, you’re going to want a comfy camp chair. Everywhere Chair has the largest selection of portable and foldable chairs on the internet, including beach chairs, backpack chairs, deck yard chairs, folding rocking chairs, and hammocks.

Hiking Essentials

Have you ever gotten a blister from hiking in old shoes? Get a good pair of new hiking boots before you go trekking this summer. Be sure to go on some shorter, local hikes to help break them in before your big summer hike.

In addition to all the survival and safety gear in your hiking backpack, pack some snacks too. Pack a Ziplock bag of Battle Bars or your favorite granola or protein bar. Just be sure to pack the wrapper in your backpack, so you leave no trace of your hike behind.

Family Fun

Are you heading camping or into the great outdoors with the family? Maybe you’d like to pop a brand new canoe or kayak to the roof rack. Heading out on the water seems like the perfect way to unwind and escape from the world for a few hours.

Do you like to play games with your family? Pack a few new board games in the RV before you head out this summer. There are some great new games on the market, but don’t forget the good old favorites like Go Fish, Yahtzee, or Pictionary.

Backpacking Adventuring

Is your summer adventure leading you into the backwoods? Gear up for the trip of a lifetime with gear from AVToyBox. They carry all the tactical and survival gear you’ll need to survive a weekend up the mountain or in the deepest forests. Or, sign-up for a subscription box from BattlBox and get a handpicked survival, tactical, or EDC gear item every month.

This summer, we challenge you to go on an “unplugged” camping trip where you put away your phones and devices and focus on some good old-fashioned outdoor fun with your family and friends. It’s the destressing trip you’ve been craving!

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