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Your Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for 2020

25 Nov 2020 by

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The year went by in a whirlwind, didn’t it? It’s nearly the holiday and Christmas season and we bet 99% of you haven’t finished (or even started) your gift shopping yet! That’s ok because we’ve put together our Ultimate 2020 Holiday Gift Guide!

No matter the person or reason for the gift, we’ve got you covered with some amazing ideas and unique shopping ideas:

How To Pick the Perfect Gift

We’ve all got those hard-to-buy-for people on our list. These are the people who seem to already have everything! Here are a few questions to help you find the perfect gift for anyone on your list:

• Do they have a hobby?

• Where do they like to shop?

• Are they in any clubs or sports groups?

• What type of books are on their bookshelf right now?

• What are their favorite foods?

• What’s an area of their day you could make easier?

• What makes them laugh?

• Do you know what’s on their bucket list?

• Where have they experienced special moments in their life (restaurant, park, city…etc)?

Another idea is to look for gifts in one (or all) of these 4 categories:

1. Something they want

2. Something they need

3. Something to wear

4. Something to read

If in doubt, curate a small gift basket of their favorite little things (like candy, wine, books, toys, gift cards, etc.). Put it in a fancy basket, or decorative shoebox and it’ll look great under the tree!

Out-of-the-Box Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for some out-of-the-box or non-traditional gift ideas, here are some great ideas for you:

Give the gift of language

We may not be able to travel for leisure right now, but help your friends and family get ready by helping them learn a new language. If you know they’ve always wanted to vacation in Italy or France, they can learn the language now so when they get to these exotic locations they can navigate around town and order food like a local!

Give the gift of peaceful sleep

If you haven’t tried one yet, it may be one of the best sleep inventions ever! A weighted blanket helps kids and adults get a better night’s sleep through something called deep touch pressure therapy. The light pressure from the blanket helps to release the serotonin, the “happy hormone” in the brain, helping you get a sense of calm and sleep better at night.

Give the gift of art

Turn your recipient’s favorite photograph into a unique piece of wall art or canvas art. Maybe you can immortalize a favorite family pet, a wedding or family picture, or a favorite vacation picture.

Give the gift of art (for the kids)

Kids create the purest and imaginative art on the planet! Give the kids on your list a head start in their art career with art supplies from Crayola. Whether it’s pens and paper or silly putty, kids love Crayola under the tree at Christmas (and their parents will too!)

Give the gift of chocolate

Giving chocolate isn’t exactly a revolutionary idea, but with a store like that has over 5000 chocolate products to choose from, you can probably find something special! And you get a bonus knowing that most of the shops you’re buying from on their site are family-owned!

Give the gift of something quirky

You never know what fun surprises and gifts you can find at online novelty stores like Lots of great finds here including new or nostalgic board games, branded gifts, collectables, home and office decor, or some tacky matching holiday sweaters!

Another store to find some one-of-a-kind gifts is Knock Knock. They’ve got some great notepads like the “Groceries and Shit Make-a-list Pad” and the “WTF Sticky notes” that are sure to elicit at least a tiny giggle out of your recipient.

Give the gift of a star

Show someone they’re the brightest star in your life by naming a real star after them. Use the International Star Registry to name a star in their honor! It’s a gift that’ll last for lightyears!

Give the gift of ALL the stars

If your gift recipient is looking for a new hobby and is already a fan of the stars and space, maybe they’ll love a telescope to explore the stars from the comfort of their home. It’s also a great hobby for someone who’s spending more time at home lately due to the pandemic.

Give the gift of gourmet beans

Have you tried the barf, grass, or snot flavored jelly belly jellybeans yet? If that makes your recipients tummy roll, Jelly Belly has “normal” gourmet flavors like lemon, pear, bubble gum, and over 50 “true-to-life” flavors to choose from. They also have gourmet chocolate, gummies, sour candies, confections, and jellybean gifts to choose from.

Give the gift of gamer subscription box

Subscription boxes are all the rage this year and for the gamers on your list, get them a gamers subscription to service like Loot Crate. Every month your recipient will receive a box full of expertly curated swag from their favorite game, movie, or theme. 

Give the gift of a unique wood carving

Wood is traditionally a 5th wedding anniversary gift, but who wouldn’t appreciate a new modern, wood phone case this Christmas? Carved makes one-of-a-kind wood and resin phone cases that are sure to be a conversation starter each time you pull it out of your pocket.

Give the gift of remote pet love

Get your furry kids (aka your dogs) the Furbo Dog Camera under the tree this Christmas. This camera allows you to see, talk, and toss treats to your pets remotely when you’re not home. Your pet will love the extra love!

Give the gift of music

Music can instantly affect and influence your mood (that’s probably why Hollywood music directors and composers get paid the big bucks). A custom music box with a song from your childhood or a special life occasion like a wedding can instantly take you back to those moments.

Give the gift of holiday cheers

Do you have a beer lover on your list? Home-brewing is an economical way to stock your beer fridge! Give someone a home brewing kit so they can try their hand at the perfectly unique handcrafted brew!

Give the gift of Legos

Lego never goes out of style, no matter your age. Whether you’ve got kids or kids-at-heart on your list there is a Lego playset or model building kit for everyone at the Lego store.

Give the gift of streaming

Does your recipient love to listen to music? A subscription to a music streaming service like SiriusXM is a great idea to give them ad-free tunes and podcasts wherever they go.

For the football lovers in your life, they might love to watch all NFL games live with a streaming subscription from You could also give them credit to use for their favorite movie rental service too (there’s a LOT to choose from including Redbox).

Give the gift of meaty goodness

The meat-lovers in your life might love some fresh beef delivered from local, family farms. FarmFoods Market delivers fresh beef products anywhere within the US. Just make sure they has a freezer in case they can’t eat it right away!

Give the gift of comfy feet

Who on your list could use a new pair of shoes? The men on your list might love Foresheim shoes, a brand that’s been delivering quality shoes for over 117 years. They must be doing something right!

For women, give them shoes from Madison Style, named “one of the best shoe stores in the world” as by Italian Vogue. Keep an out for special promos and coupon codes here.

Other Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

Don’t forget that holiday gifts don’t have to be physical things. Even something personal like a Zoom or phone call is a great present. You could even offer to cook them a special meal or babysit their kids for a night.

No matter how you choose to tell your friends and family you appreciate them this holiday season, be sure to let them know how much they mean to you. It’s been an odd year and the best gift you can give someone is to express your gratitude.

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