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How To Make Working From Home More Enjoyable

25 Sep 2020 by

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Do you love working from home or hate it?

Working from home can be quite enjoyable if you have the right mindset and products to make it possible. The first step is to establish a new routine or schedule. This can be as flexible or as rigid as you need, but schedules help us to stay on track and avoid distractions (like Facebook and email).

Here’s what you need to make working from home enjoyable and fun:

Get Secure Technology

If it wasn’t for today’s technology and high-speed internet access, working from home would be a LOT harder!

If it wasn’t for today’s computers and technology, working from home would be a LOT harder! If you are working from your personal computer, secure it with up-to-date virus and malware software like AVG to protect your important files and help your PC run faster (and longer).

Maybe you started a new business, or are planning to soon. Get a dedicated computer from Acer, Dell, or HP for your business, so you can write it off as a business expense!

Don’t forget you can also upgrade your old computer with a new computer hard drive, too.

Something else to consider is protecting your activity online with a military-grade private VPN service like NordVPN, which encrypts your internet activity and prevents it from being tracked so you can security access apps, websites and entertainment platforms from anywhere in the world.

Set Up A Home Office Space

Having a separate office space is best for working from home because it allows you to physically separate your work from your home life.

Instead of working on your laptop from the coach (while you binge watch episodes of Ozark), consider setting up a new office desk in a separate room or even a corner of an existing room with a stylish room divider, if you don’t have space for an office.

Something To Keep The Kids Occupied!

If you have young kids at home and you have to work while keeping them entertained, we feel you! That can be hard even for the most organized parent.

Put your younger kids on a platform like ABC Mouse, so they can “read” Put your younger kids on a platform like ABC Mouse, so they can “read” books, play games, and learn new things while you take a conference call.

Put your younger kids on a platform like ABC Mouse, so they can “read” books, play games, and learn new things while you take a conference call.

Older toddlers could be entertained for hours with some new art supplies or award-winning Learning Resources educational toys that help them develop a foundation for learning and curiosity that will last a lifetime.

Award-winning educational toys to entertain and develop a love of learning

Order In Tonight!

If the thought of what to make for dinner, especially after a long and exhausting day, is something you dread, a meal delivery service could be a great option for you.

Meal delivery services like Door Dash or Postmates allow you to order your favorite dish from a local restaurant and have it delivered hot and ready to eat in no time.

Meals delivered with Postmates
Order in tonight from your favorite restaurant

Another option to help you avoid figuring out what to eat is having tasty, ready-to-eat meals on-hand. Real Eats is a weekly subscription that delivers tasty, healthy, and chef-inspired meals, sealed in BPA-free pouches, that you simply simmer in a pot and serve up in minutes


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